Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Post #7251 Dead Battery....

81 degrees today.  Fortunately a little breeze and no humidity.

I went out to the Studio early to turn on the air conditioner before our She Sings rehearsal.

By 1 it was pretty hot out there.

All five of us were there and just because we were doing some really nice arrangements, the battery in my camera died.  I had brought out a second, and it was already dead so I don't have more videos.
Karen rode Elliott before chores and he was not too excited about getting hosed off.
Gary had a board meeting that started at 5, so I made myself a big salad for dinner.  He'll be on his own when he gets home.
This is where all the tomatoes were eaten.
I put a couple cherry tomatoes in pots and we have two bigger pots (they must have held trees) for some San Marzanos.
The rest will go behind the Studio where they did well last year.  So much for our kitchen garden.
We will have to figure out what would work in that space.

Little Wonder sure enjoys spending time on the bed.
Night all.


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Nancy J said...

Beautiful Bearded iris, and camera batteries, they do not like the cold , so maybe all the winter photos have taken the energy out.