Monday, May 24, 2021

#7256 Gorgeous Day, But We Still Need Rain

It was nice to have a cool break....tomorrow is another story.  Could reach 90.

After chores I mowed the big pasture....they are all done now and look like a golf course.  Here's the before shot....way too many buttercups.

This little lawn tractor does one heck of a job.

Karen squeezed in one more lesson with Tracy this morning before she goes back to Florida.  They said it went well. Afterward, Elliott got the special treatment.
Some of the veggies are perking up.

Gary spent most of the day planting stuff.  Now we have carrots and beets where the tomatoes used to be.
At 2 I went to pick up my new reading glasses and stopped at Sara's to buy some plants.  Since we are not planting as many veggies in the kitchen garden, we want it to be full of flowers.

Around 4:30 Little Wonder and I took some carrots out to Berlin and I gave her the extra grain (that she continues to leave almost every morning).  Usually we put it with her evening feed and then she eats it.

We had an early dinner.  A total instant replay.
Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

I sure hope you do get some rain soon. Our pastures and even the moss was turning brown around here making things look pretty drab. Now that we are catching up on rain we are in the mowing mode!
I have to take the scythe to the pasture weeds but can't really keep up.