Sunday, May 9, 2021

Post #7241A Short But Very Sweet Visit

See these donuts?  Our guests brought a box big enough to hold a winter coat... FULL!  Each donut was at least three times the size of anything ordinary and this is only a small portion as I forgot to take a photo of them.  The frosted round one would feed four people!  Anyway, we were prepared to serve bagels and cream cheese for breakfast.  Sandy, Jeff, Mike, Gary and I had rhubarb shortcake (since we were too full last night to have dessert) and then there were all these donuts.  Not your normal offerings.

Everyone was up early and we ate and chatted until 9.
These four are such a pleasure!  Sandy is a retired art teacher (she and Jeff lived on their sailboat for 6 years and I have posted many photos of them over the years as they motored through the Canal).
When Jana and Mike journeyed through the Canal, Sandy had them contact us when they docked in Brockport.  Once again, we brought them to the farm and have been friends ever since (we have not seen them for at least 6 years).  Jana is a working artist and has a gigantic studio where she and Mike create everything you can think of.  Below is a piece she made for me....and I love it!
(A couple years ago we were sent a third boating family from Ohio that we hooked up with and continue to follow their travels.  You never know who you are going to meet when you are at the Welcome Center.)

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Mike played the baritone uke....and I just happened to have 3 of them sitting in the library.  After dinner we played for over an hour.  He is so good!
If our three families lived in the same town, we would be spending a lot of time together!

I just can't get enough of these gigantic yellow tulips!

Karen had morning chore duty so I did not go out to do stalls until everyone left

Jenny stopped up with a card and some goodies, and went home with flowers and rhubarb sauce...and a couple of those huge donuts.  The rest went in the freezer.

Dinner was an instant replay.  Schnitzel, noodles with mushroom gravy, sweet and sour red cabbage and pumpernickel bread with homemade raspberry jam.  No more sweets in our future for awhile.....
Gary and I both took long naps this afternoon and I did evening chores after dinner.  It had been raining for a couple of hours so the quartet was ready to get tucked in.  I sure hope Berlin eats all of her grain.  She did last night and then hardly touched her breakfast today.  Frustrating.

Night all. It sure was nice, spending time with our long lost friends!



Nancy J said...

L W, stay curled up there, and what a delight to have friends come back, and bring such goodies. If it was Mother's Day up north, Greetings to you and to Jenn from a colder, and wetter evening down here. Wednesday will see a huge change, and temperatures will drop and snow fall to 600 metres.

JanaLeigh said...

Lori, we all had such a wonderful time during our visit. Only wish it wasn't so short. You and Gary are truly the "hosts extraordinaire". Looking forward to seeing you both this summer.