Monday, May 17, 2021

Post #7249 Blurry

Another beautiful day. 

I had an11am appointment at Oak Orchard to have my eyes checked.
Everything was good and I ordered a new pair of reading glasses.
So glad they had some dark shades to put in my glasses, as it was extremely bright out and my eyes were still dilated.

On my way home I noticed the temperature.  No humidity and quite spectacular.
I spent much of the afternoon cooling it, as my eyes were still screwed up.

BBQued drumsticks and potato salad for dinner.
Good light.

Good night.



Nancy J said...

I will be in the same boat or situation on Thursday as I should have, if there are no emergencies, my first cataract surgery. Your flowers are hanging in there. hope tomorrow the sunshine will not shine so brightly!!! What song was that from?

Val Ewing said...

Got to love that dilating stuff they put in the eyes. I spent most of my day earlier this year squinting at the world and napping after the exam.