Thursday, May 6, 2021

Post #7238 Much Needed Sunshine!

I can't complain today.  Wall to wall sunshine with coolish temperatures.

The Rebel was a little impatient while I was trying to take some photos before he was turned out.

When the light is like this, I love to play around with the photos using photoshop.

We have tons of forget-me-nots in the gardens by the Studio.

At 9:30 I was part of a Zoom meeting.  This time it was to participate in a class at the college that focuses on Aging and Activity.  It's about the 9th semester I have gathered some of my Senior friends and it is always an amazing experience.  First we tell them about ourselves, then we break into groups with the students for questions, and today we finished with 3 questions that we all answered.   Because of Covid, this is the first time the Zoom Format was used and it worked very well.  I love doing things like this.

Late afternoon I started setting up the Music Studio for tomorrow's She Sings practice.
The flowers I picked yesterday had totally exploded!

This time, we are going to be using our amps and mics.  Looking forward to hearing how it will sound in this space.  It's going to be in the 40s so I will have to turn on my little heater.

The garlic is now over two feet tall....
and the strawberry plants have really kicked in.

The front paddock has been a disaster, with terrible footing, so I attempted to flatten it a bit.
All the hay we have been feeding there has seeded the whole area.  Hope it fills in.

Gary is still working on what will be our kitchen garden.  Today he ended up trying to create an additional stone path.
Dinner was simple.  I had sauce frozen and thawed it out....made a salad 
and some fettuccini.  Bam!  That was easy.  Vegetarian tonight.

Of course I am loving that evening light before the sun sets.
Little Wonder is snoozing right next to me.
Night all.


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