Saturday, May 22, 2021

#7254 Breaking Out!

Waiting for rain....hardly a sprinkle.

Look at the size of those strawberry plants!
Today Gary planted yellow beans, the rest of the tomato plants and beets.
I think I will be able to pick spinach tomorrow.

After chores I mowed the lawn again..... millions of dandelions.

Purple was in today.

Late morning Karen and Tracy came back for another lesson.

Elliott worked hard and made progress.
Tracy is such a fine instructor.

Little Wonder was inspecting the lawn to make sure I did it right.
Around 12:30 the farrier arrived.  She will come one more time and then, because she was accepted to Vet School, I will need a new farrier and hopefully can start using Karen's.
Berlin's feet were in such good shape they did not need a trim.  She loves to stand at the door to supervise.

By the time Rebel's feet were done, we were able to catch the end of Karen's lesson.

I had evening chore duty.  Got the quartet tucked in and....

we decided that it was time to go out for a real sit down dinner.
Have you ever been to the Holley Falls Bar and Grill?
I ordered a bourbon Burger and
Gary got a shaved steak sandwich.
They make these match stick fries flavored with rosemary and they are delicious.
The owner designed and constructed the interior and it is so inviting.
They have a baby grand piano and there was live music.
I must say, aesthetically it is by far the nicest restaurant in our immediate area.
They have an excellent menu and we ordered just what we were hungry for.
Simple and superb.  Great presentation, excellent service and superb food!
They even have outdoor seating.
Home before dark.  So nice to sit down in a real restaurant.
Little Wonder is in his spot waiting for me to finish this post.
Night all.


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