Sunday, May 2, 2021

Post #7234 Better Than Expected

Did a little of this and a little of that today.  I did not expect the weather to be as good as it was.

The morning started off with Angel losing one of her her stall.  That was fortunate!

Gary spends part of everyday working on the gardens.
Have you ever eaten Morel Mushrooms?  I discovered that we had a whole bunch of them popping up in the garden between the two driveways.  Never knew much about them until my blogging friend, Val, kept posting photos of them when she was out for walks.  Before doing anything with them, I sent her this photo to make sure I was not going to poison us, and she said they were legit.
I asked her how she prepared them and also googled some ideas.
After cutting them in half I soaked them in water (added some salt) for 10 minutes, then rinsed and repeated twice.
Dried them off..
dipped them in flour....
and fried them in a combination of olive oil and butter.  Once they started to brown I added a diced small onion and cooked until they were translucent.
Tested it out on a cracker.  But first, I showed Gary the info I had googled so he would feel they were safe to eat.  Absolutely delicious.
Also made a dozen brownie cupcakes with walnuts.
Dinner?  Chicken salad wraps with chips.
We have company coming on Saturday, so I started working on our upstairs bedrooms.
Then I covered the seat of one more chair.  That is number 9.
Chore duty tonight.
It was really the most beautiful part of the day.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

I thought your dinner might be mushrooms and brownies. Everything looks great outdoors, those tulips are lovely there in a big group.

Val Ewing said...

I vote for morels and brownies!
I'm so glad you were able to finally have some and to be so lucky as to have them right outside your door!

Finally, we have had rain so I can say that the morels might start coming up around here too if it stays warm.