Saturday, May 8, 2021

Post #7240 The Erie Canal Crew Arrived

Off to a very late start posting with no energy left.

Company coming to the Skoog Farm B and B so I cleaned, cooked and picked flowers.

Sandy, Jeff, Jana and Mike sent us a picture when they were on their way...
and they arrived around 3:30.  We met all four of them at different times as they were boating through the Erie Canal and have kept in touch ever since.  Loved being able to see's been a long time.
I made all kinds of stuff for dinner.  Lots of Rhubarb sauce to make shortcake (which we never ate because we were too full).
The biscuits were waiting....
We had mushroom gravy
fried apples and onions....
Sweet and sour red cabbage...
and noodles.  We also had pumpernickel bread and homemade raspberry jam.
Too bad I forgot to take a photo of my plate!  It was positively delicious.
Little did I know that Mike was a baritone uke player, so we jammed after dinner.
Such a fun time.
Can't write anymore.  I'm pooped.  More scoop tomorrow.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Well done to post all these photos and the news of the day . Great to catch up with long time friends, and the meal!!!! Maybe a jam session tomorrow with a new temporary member playing too.

Val Ewing said...

How fun for you! Looks like you are having a busy weekend and it is so nice to be able to get together again isn't it?