Thursday, May 27, 2021

#7259 The Big Rhubarb Giveaway

Today's weather was more like it.  Cool and bright.  The horses must have loved the temperature.

We picked a lot of rhubarb after chores and shared it with friends.

Little Wonder and I took a ride out to Glen Darach Farm to drop some off for Andrea's birthday.  It's one of her favorites.

Of course Little Wonder enjoyed it.  Too bad Andrea was not there....she is one of his favorites.

While we were doing that, Gary took rhubarb out to Carol and Topper's!
Is this National Rhubarb Day?

I took a very long nap this afternoon....just because it felt good.
Joan and Richard stopped up for some guess what and a cup of tea at 4.  Nice to have the opportunity to communicate with someone after being on hiatus for so long.
Leftovers for dinner.

Night all.


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