Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Post #7237 The Cold Weather Is Sticking Around

The people who live in the back forty have 5 yorkies and they love going in the back pasture.  Their owners have been warned over and over that we will not be responsible if one gets hurt or killed.  They go right up to the horses (who chase them).  This is the first time Little Wonder gave them a message.  
I 'm glad I happened to be setting up hay when this happened, as the owner was not all that worried.

Right after chores I finished mowing the lawn and should have worn a hat.  It was so cold.

Gary is working on the area that will be our kitchen garden.  Yesterday he planted some mixed greens and bib lettuce.  I had a leaky 50 gallon water trough and he turned it into a raised bed.

It's about all those tulips!

Night all.



Nancy J said...

You just GO, Little Wonder, and show those others who is the boss round your own place. Love those tulips, we planted out about 15 yesterday, another 20 to go in tomorrow.Looks cool and grey up there.We have sunshine and almost hot.

Val Ewing said...

That is so inconsiderate of the neighbors in back. We had problems in the past and I had called the owners about their dog wandering in with my Dexter cattle and the Dexters would try to impale the dogs. Others braved going into the mule pasture and one dog was nearly killed. That dog learned his lesson.

I did end up catching all strays that came to our place and tying them up and then calling their owners to come get them. One lady said she couldn't come for hours and I said that's fine, your dog is on a chain and has water,...he will wait for you.

I have no idea why people think it is okay not to mind their pets. It infuriates me!

My neighbors little dog used to get loose and she'd come down and sit with Charlie on the porch. But I used to 'dog sit' her so she was used to coming to my house. Charlie loved the company as we used to walk together.

Best invention. Electronic yards for those who don't watch their dogs....Okay rambled on and on!