Saturday, May 29, 2021

#7261 A Cold Start

Cold and very windy this morning.  Had to be in the high 30s with the wind chill.  Blankets on and off as the temperature rose.  Fortunately it did not rain.

The  day and a half of rain we did have was a shot in the arm for the spinach and mixed greens.

We currently have at least 100 iris and they are beautiful.

Why does Little Wonder love to roll in the paddock????

Gary ran into a friend earlier and she had a greenhouse full of tomato plants she was trying to place.  Berlin kept an eye on Gary while he was planting a dozen or so.

The garlic is already 3 feet high....
and in a couple weeks we are going to have a lot of strawberries.
By 3:30 the wind slowed down and it felt a lot warmer.

For a change, I picked up 4 slices of pizza at Ralph and Rosies.  Since we have been ordering thin crust at Wegmans, this pizza seemed very heavy and I won't be ordering it again.
Before going out to tuck in the ponies we had some good light coming through the west windows.
Phoebe's butterfly was lit up.
So were Jappie's bowls.

There was even good light in the barn.

After spending hours gardening, Gary finished his day by putting up strings for the snow peas.
He will need a nap....
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

We had a hard frost here Saturday morning. I hadn't planted veggies yet so I tossed things over my flowers.
I haven't started my veggies yet!
Looks like I will have to hand till the garden where I want to plant.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your garden pictures all growing so nicely. I am sure the piece of artwork next to your fireplace is such a happy piece to see each day for you. Thanks for sharing. Kathy