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Friday, November 11, 2022

Will We Need An Ark?

Our beautiful morning turned into a monsoon by 11am.

When the rain started, I began vegging in the house.  By 3:30 it was really coming down so I went out and put more hay under the shed roof, trying to lure the ponies to a dryer spot.
Seamus won the prize.
Fortunately it was around 60 degrees.

Around 4 Scott and Jenny stopped in, as he was delivering the lift and chipper we will be using tomorrow when he cuts down five trees, trims several and turns the arborvitae next to the indoor into "shrubs." I hope it stops raining sooner than later.  Our lawn will be a mess by the time it's over.

Little Wonder went out to the barn with me twice while it was pouring and hot-footed it back to the porch.
It was almost totally dark at 4:30.
Leftover pasta for dinner.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Rain then mud, then a very messy pony. Good luck with the trimming tomorrow, maybe you will get lots of mulch afterwards.

Sandra said...

We are 27 F and light snow. Hopefully we don't send it to you. LW steals my heart every time. Seamus looked soaked.