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Saturday, November 5, 2022

76 Degrees Again?

Another brilliant sunrise.

While Janet and I were finishing up chores, Neil M. arrived to work on our chimney.
He had it done in no time.
It was so gorgeous, I decided to go for a trike ride.

We have some Bills fans down the road.
I had stopped to talk to our neighbor Ed A. (who we get all our wood from for the stoves) and Annette had just pulled in the driveway after a trailride in Northampton Park.  She brought her gorgeous paint over to meet me.  Chance.  What a hunk!

We must have talked for half an hour and Gary was wondering if he needed to send out a search party.
I only rode 3 miles today and it felt good.
Little Wonder was happy to have me back home.

This is what I call blond.

Eventually I went out to mulch more leaves and decided to mow the track around the pastures....
Also mowed down the lane about half a mile.  Janet and Ronin like to ride out there.

Tucked in the ponies....

and headed back to the house just before dark.  Have to remember to set the clocks back an hour tonight.
Night all.


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