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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Horse Dentist

This was another very dull day in the 30s.

Right after dark last night they started working on the hundred acres of corn surrounding us.  Don't know how long they lasted, but they were back this morning by 6am.  Done now.

I moved 24 bales of hay close to the back door in the loft as Andrea was coming to pick it up after
our dentist appointment for Seamus and Rebel.
Seamus did not have much done and I forgot to take a photo of Rebel, who had the works.  He is the most cooperative boy.  Ronin and
Seamus kept him company.
Fortunately Gary got back from lunch in time to help Andrea load her truck with the hay.

Janet arrived while they were still loading and helped.  After we cleaned up the grooming room we went into the house for tea.
Tucked in the ponies around 5.  Of course Rebel rolled in his new sheet.
Dinner was grilled burgers with leftover scalloped potatoes and salad.
Night all.

Rumor has it that some big snow could be headed our way around Wednesday or Thursday and may hang on through Sunday.  That would be pretty serious!  Buffalo could be a mess.


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Sandra said...

We are sending you our weather again. We got about 5" yesterday. You are kept busy with the equines!