Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Three Little Pigs....

Another grey, damp day.
Little Wonder wore his new coat and I finally got the straps sized right.

Rebel and Ronin were doing their dance.

Janet and I picked the pastures and kept them company.  This afternoon Little Wonder and I took it easy.

Then, I got out my uke and started looking for songs by Eva Cassidy.  Love her music.
Here is a very short clip.  If you have never heard her music, I would highly recommend it.

PM chores.  The electrician came back and now the hot water heater outlet and on/off switch are set.

Seamus's new blanket arrived today.  I'm hoping it will fit....they were all so filthy tonight I will try it on him tomorrow morning after a good grooming.  It's a large foal/small pony blanket.  We shall see.
Pitch black by the time we walked back to the house.
Dinner was SO DELICIOUS!
I took out a bag of our sauce, threw some meatballs in it and made open face sandwiches on ciabatta rolls for dinner.
The combo with an Italian dressed salad is so perfect.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Your dishes always look amazing!

We had a big weather change, it went from the 40's to the 20's right away in the afternoon.

Sandra said...

Three little piggies is right! They know how to do it. I love watching geldings do the head game. I've never seen a mare lower herself to such action. :) LW is unrivaled in cuteness, especially his side glance. And dinner, yes please!!