Sunday, November 27, 2022

No More Turkey

One ugmo day.  Lots of rain and wet horses.  Started out ok and by noon there was a big change.

I dragged the ring before coming back to the house as Janet and Ronin had a lesson with Dawn at 11.

They both made great progress.

Within half an hour it started to pour and I went out to put sheets on Rebel and Seamus.  Rebel was dry and under the shed roof... Seamus was already soaked....and Ronin already had a sheet on.
I put plenty of hay out for them....but they preferred to be in the rain.

By evening chore time all three had rolled in the indoor and they were covered in sand.  Fortunately I was able to clean off their sheets and it was warm enough for them to be naked tonight.

We are so sick of turkey.  Went down to Barbers for dinner and listened to the patrons going crazy over a Raider's game.

Sidney was all comfy when we got back.

Night all.


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