Friday, November 25, 2022


In a nutshell.  A dark and dreary day that ended with hail around evening chore time.  No photos from morning chores.  Scott and Jenny came for lunch.  Coop, Heather and Finn stopped up to say good bye to Daniela.  Gary, Daniela and I watched a movie by the fire, then Jenny picked her up and they went for a brief cruise in Rochester before heading to the airport.  That's my story for today.

Daniela told us that her Mom loves a sub called a Bobby, that they have gotten after Thanksgiving.  Mayo, lettuce, turkey, stuffing and cranberries on a sub roll.  Not bad!

We had not seen Daniela since 2018, so this was a very special time for us.  She is so grown up and will be a Senior at Illinois State in January.  Such a sharp cookie!
Around 4:30 hail was pinging on the windows so I went out to put the ponies in a little early.  They all chose to stand outside and got soaked....maybe it felt like a massage!

Big surprise for dinner.  Next year....I'm making something very different!
Hope you all had a great time with food, family and friends yesterday.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

Goodbyes are not easy, and such a long time between visits. I hope we get to see our grandson when he might call in on his way north at Christmas.Otherwise Facetime might suffice.

Sandra said...

Inquiring minds want to know....what will you make next year that is different? Such a good time for Daniela to visit. It had to make you very happy. We are warm today and above average for the next couple. Much of the snow has melted. Horses don't seem as bothered by the weather as we do.