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Monday, November 14, 2022

The Big Chill

The cold wave has arrived.  In the 30s all day.

Little Wonder had to wear his red coat.  I'm going to have to buy him a new one as the velcro is pooping out and besides....he has worn it for several years now.
After lunch he joined us while Gary....
took four more feet off the trees by the indoor.

Tomorrow I will try to shape them.  Scott says that they will fill in.

This afternoon I decided to get serious about making a dinner.
Ham and scalloped potatoes.

We have not had this in a long time.  Perfect comfort food.
Put it in the oven and had a good chat with Ed and Annette, who stopped over for a big bag of onions.
At 4:50 it was getting pretty dark and the ponies were ready for dinner.

Once again, Seamus won the little piggy award.  He and Rebel both needed a good grooming.
Speaking of Rebel....I got him a new rain sheet today.  He has been wearing hand me down Rambos that were all different sizes and had to be a good 20 years old.  It fits him well.
By tomorrow afternoon I expect it will be a mess.

Pitch black when we went back to the house.

 Dinner was delicious!
Night all.


Nancy J said...

I had a laugh when I saw the trees, they could be turned into topiary, just choose a horse's head !!!

Sandra said...

Sorry about sending you the weather. Dinner looks delicious, sometimes I forget about certain food, like this. I like it, why don't I make it?