Friday, November 4, 2022


76 degrees!  Could not ask for more.

This is the first morning that Seamus did not try to push Ronin away with a buck.

Rebel did not care.

Mid morning I went out to the garden and picked some leeks for soup.
Just when I was ready to go back in the house, a blogging pal (Kathy) was kind enough to stop by with half a bushel of apples for the ponies!  What a gift.  She read that I was looking for some 2nds for them and brought them over.  Perfect timing.  Many thanks.

So here's how I make Leek and potato soup.  I decided to make an extra big batch today.
6 cups of leeks, 6 cups of potatoes and 6 cups of chicken stock.
Took a break and went out to the indoor where Ronin was getting some new shoes.

Got back to the kitchen and after the leeks and potatoes were soft, I put them in a food processor....then in a big pot.

Added some extra sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, salt, pepper and milk.  Plus a squirt of my secret ingredient....honey mustard.
Jenny stopped in just as I was doing evening chores....and I sent her home with a quart.

I have enough left for a couple more meals.  Yum.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visual cooking lesson making the leek and potato soup. I am making it Sunday as a nice meal while my husband watches the last nascar race for the season and he is looking forward to the soup. Thanks for the leeks. Kathy

Val Ewing said...

That sounds great. I think I made my leek/potato soup in a similar fashion and it was delicious.