Thursday, November 3, 2022


Yay!  We had a hay delivery this morning after chores!

The man who delivered it brought a very strong woman along, Janet was here and her son joined us.  All I had to do was direct traffic and they lugged it and stacked.

We decided to put it in a large empty stall instead of up in the loft.  Much easier to use it from there.
It was such a pleasure to meet Janet's son.  He is a doll!

This is where all the leaves are going.
and this section is going to revert back to grass.

I loaded up more wheelbarrows before going to play bridge.  Gary had an appointment with the Doc who did my knee replacement.  I have a feeling that a hip replacement is in his future.

The roses must be loving the weather.

Home after 4:30 as I stopped at Wegmans on the way.
Chore time at 6.  In a few days that will be moved to 5.

Another beautiful sunset.

Pancakes and sausage for dinner.  So good for a change.
While I am doing this, Little Wonder likes to take a snooze in the bedroom.
Night all.


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Nancy J said...

Knees and hips, they all take hard work in a lifetime.Those leaves look like a huge pile, garlic galore next year?