Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Not Enough Sleep!

Felt like crap when I got out of bed this morning!  Tired and light headed from standing up too fast...yuck.  I was still able to do chores and took it easy for the rest of the day.   That's what I get for spending too much time watching the election returns.  The results restored my faith in many ways, as decency finally had an impact on some of the races and people did not fall for all the garbage that has been flying around.

Around 32 this crispy.  It's a good thing the sun was out.

Our celery plant is still surviving and looks like a bush.

Little Wonder loves napping.

Needless to say, I was not in a picture taking mood.

Evening chores only took about 10 minutes.  Rebel won the little piggy award.

Gary had leftover leek and potato soup for dinner and I had French Toast.  Decided that I have some kind of stomach bug that is on it's way out.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

Rest and feel better Lori. Bugs are all around now that people are mingling more and no masks. I am so relieved the elections showed smart voters are not going to follow conspiracy theories, lies and election fraud and going with their guts to vote for those who truly want to represent their districts. Kathy

Dee said...

Dear Lori, hope your stomach has ceased to act up. I went into a bunker and avoided all news from Sunday to this morning. A friend e-mailed to let me know that the election outcome was better than I'd expected.

Today I woke feeling better than I've felt for over a month. with the first steps out of bed, I found myself thinking, "Dee Ready, this is you again!" So wonderful. Hope your day is also a surprisingly awesome one. Peace from Dee.

Sandra said...

I was very worried about what would happen here, but what did happen was great. Our governor was reelected and the dems got the senate, as well as retaining the house. a huge relief.

I am sorry you have been ill. Hopefully on the mend now.