Saturday, November 19, 2022

We Are Still Being Spared

Some towns in the Buffalo area have gotten nearly 7 (SEVEN) feet of snow.

The wind chill kept us in the teens today and we had sunshine for awhile.

As soon as I let Rebel out of his stall, he rolled.

This is the first day the ponies wanted hay before going to the pasture.  Guess they were telling us something.

This was my view through Rebel's window while I was cleaning his stall.

The footing in the paddock and between the barns was terrible....frozen like sharp rocks.  Janet and I put about 8 wheelbarrows of the mulch we had left from the tree cutting where it was the worst and will do more tomorrow.  Fortunately the pastures were great.

After chores I ran some errands.  Every store I went to was packed and the prices of everything was outrageous.  They like to take you to the cleaners when it's holiday time and they think you will pay anything to get a pound of butter or whatever else you need.  When I got back home we had some leftover leek and potato soup for lunch, then I did some laundry and started on another search to find a blanket for Seamus.  No luck yet.  He is a Shetland cross and weighs around 400 pounds.  A little big for a mini and small for the pony blankets.  Got any suggestions?
Here he is naked.
Started on dinner and then went out for evening chores.

This boy!  How does he get this muddy when it's freezing?
beans and weiners.
Can't beat this on a cold night.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Does he need a coat? Shetlands usually have really thick luxurious coats. Just asking. Our Little Richard is not a mini or a pony but looks like a fur ball walking around!

Glad the huge storms did not hit you!

Sandra said...

I LOVE the photo of Seamus! Naughty Pants Rebel, he has a knack. I stopped blanketing horses long ago, so I don't have a suggestion, other than what Val said.