Thursday, November 17, 2022

Another Rewarding Panel Discussion

There was snow on the ground this morning and the temperature stayed in the 30s.

By the time we finished cleaning the stalls it started snowing.

Seamus wanted to participate in the play with Ronin and Rebel.

Late morning Little Wonder and I took a ride over to Robb Farms to pick up a few things before they close for the season.

At 12:30 it was time for another Panel Discussion at the college.  The class is about Aging and Activity and I have arranged to collect some of my "aging friends" to participate.  Today we ranged in age from 63-89 and there were 8 of us.  We started off by giving the students a mini biography, then we were asked questions followed by breaking out into groups.  We have been doing this since 2015 and it has always been an amazing experience.

Chet Fery (the Breadman), sitting on the far right....brought all of us a small loaf of bread.
"What do you like best about being this age?" was one of the questions.  Also, "What do you do to stay active?"
Joan F. and I sat at a table with these 5 girls and by the end of our back and forth we ended up inviting them for a homemade pasta dinner before final exams.  They were so excited and we can't wait to cook for them.  We will go to Joan's house first and in the spring they will come out to the farm.  This is going to be such fun.
Working with Professor Pam Haibach-Beach is always a pleasure.
I really appreciate my friends and the impact we have on these students and the impact they have on us.
I was happy to hang out by the fire when I got back home...
Before long it was chore time.
Rebel was even filthier than he was yesterday.

Leftover pizza and a salad for dinner.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

I imagine learning about aging is something everyone should do. I wished I'd know much more before I had to face helping others.

Sandra said...

Little Wonder is giving you the side eye! Rebel is a pro. I really like the idea of this class on aging. I think it's important and a breath of fresh air for the aged to be in young company.