Monday, April 13, 2020

What a Difference a Day Makes....

Not my favorite.
A LOT of rain.
A LOT of wind (that will be ramping up soon).
65 degrees...that part I liked.
Fortunately, Berlin was doing better this morning.
I washed out her nostrils with warm water.
One had no drainage and the other had very little.
She had eaten all her grain, so that meant she also
took in the Benadryl.  The odor that she had yesterday
was gone.  I tried giving her more Benadryl with her
breakfast and she did not eat one pill....ate the carrots and left 
half of her grain.  Fortunately, she was interested in eating grass.

When I turned them out, Rebel rolled in the mud immediately.

 After chores the horses all chose to hang out in the indoor.
 I went back in the barn with a bucket of water and bleach
and totally washed out Berlin and Rebel's feeders.

 Had a great BLT for lunch.

 We are going to have some freezing temperatures 
at night for the next few days, so I want to pick a
lot of flowers before they are destroyed.

 I made more chicken soup
and decided to make pizza tonight using
some of Carina's dough.
 Had limited ingredients, so I had to ad lib.
Sautéed an onion and a diced plum tomato....
 added a small can of sauce, then made some caramelized
onions for a topping.


Night all.


Nancy J said...

I'm queuing up for desert!!! Hope your weather stays better than ours, freezing winds, down to 2 Celsius in some places way down south. the fire is lit, and thank goodness we have a shed full of wood. Hope Berlin stays well too. Maybe the others have heard the words " Mud,mud, glorious mud",

Val Ewing said...

That looks amazing! With this weather going up and down in temperatures ~~ snowing here now and 25 degrees! Cold!...the animals have a rough time adjusting! Hope Berlin stays well.