Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Good Night for Homemade Pizza

What a crappy day.
It never stopped raining.
 It was going to be a long, chilly one for Rebel and the girls.

 Berlin was not interested in going under the shed roof.

Fortunately we had some color in the house.

 Gary started a fire around 12:30 and that
just about finished us all off for the afternoon.

 I watched Cuomo's update for today and it was
very informative in regard to how our state will
be opening up.  Logical and smart.

 At 1:15 I signed on to Zoom with several of the Buskers.

 It's a pretty poor platform for singing together but we
enjoy catching up.  When someone picks a song, everyone
else is muted as the sound distorts everything.  Here are a few clips.
Some of the time while I am recording with my little
point and shoot, I will sing along, but the 
camera always makes my voice too loud....even if I sing softly.

Dennis wrote the lyrics to this one for today.
You will have to excuse the sound quality with this Zoom stuff.

 Late afternoon I started on dinner.

 I like to make my own quick sauce.

 Then I sauté the toppings.
Onions/peppers/green onions.
 I left that and went out to do chores early.
The poor horses must have hated today's weather as much as I did.

 Got them tucked in and then it was time to put the pizza together.
Carina's dough...

 Big yum.

Night all.

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