Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Good Morning Sunshine!

 After chores I drove down to the bank to make a deposit.
You have to use the drive thru and I had to wait in line for half an hour.
On the way home I picked up 4 bags of shavings and hopefully
enough grain to get through the next two weeks.
We are really going to stay put.

 I spent an hour in the loft above the kitchen.
For years we having been putting stuff up there and
now it's time to dump 75% of it.  We need to
get that dumpster out of here.

 We are going through each box and transfer it to feed and shavings bags
that then go to the dumpster.  Our pile of boxes is getting pretty big.
 If we unload the furniture and a few hundred books,
things should become manageable.
 61 degrees this afternoon.

 Around 2 I drove over to Heritage Bell Farm to pick
up a loaf of bread and 3 bags of pizza dough.

 I keep my trusty mask in the car.
 I found some frozen chicken stock in the freezer and
turned it into chicken and gravy.....

 which was served on homemade biscuits
 with a delicious salad.
Night all.

Today I organized a virtual art show (on FaceBook) for my friend Helen,
who is fighting pancreatic cancer.  She is a very well known
folk artist and her work can be found all over the country.
I asked people to post photos of the pieces they have in their
homes and within 2 hours many had responded.
Here are some examples.

 The painting below is Central Park in New York City.


Nancy J said...

Oh that stunning art, what an online gallery display. We cannot go to any place that is non essential, and cannot post a parcel, business places can post essential items. We have light rain, so welcome, We are well, struggling a little with being house bound , but have good projects to distract from the isolation and keep the mind and body busy. So good to hAve horse necessities, here. friend has to place her order, is given an exact time to arrive, the goods will be outside, the door locked, so collect and drive home. I am trying to make meals more interesting, we miss a cafe coffee!! Maybe a home espresso machine will be on order soon.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the folk art! What a talented artist, hope she is doing well. It's good to get things cleaned out and have more space. We're doing well and aren't going out much either. Just for essentials, I do hope everyone by you is safe and healthy.