Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Making Music....

Off to another grey start.

 It rained last night, so we have more mud....
 but....the grass is growing in the small pasture that is closed off.

 I checked on the rhubarb today...and counted
 29 plants.
 They will each get gigantic and we will have enough to feed an army.
 Several years ago our willow tree was struck by lightning,
and two times ginormous sections fell on the old wood shed
that was here.  You can see the old foundation.
Gary replaced it with a smaller shed built by the Amish.
 That's where he stores most of his gardening stuff.
 The willow tree is about ready to pop.  2 more hot days should do it.

 Yesterday, when we were cleaning out the loft, I found this spectacular 
red glass bowl.  It's a keeper!
 As per usual, the sun came out late afternoon.

 I love having good light in the library and decided to set up 
my amp/mic and baritone ukulele so it would force me to
start practicing.  No more excuses.  I will try to do this every day.
 Here is a song I want She Sings to learn....just a little clip.
("Jackson") I will confess that I am the rookie in the group
so this is pretty simple.  Would love to figure out everyone
can add to it with instruments and harmonies.  So many 
beautiful songs have been posted by people all around the world.
Dinner was simple.
A tomato salad
 and lentil soup made by Jenny.
It had a serious kick!

Our county now has 627 positive cases of the virus,
86 in the hospital and 39 in ICU.
34 deaths.
Hope all of you are healthy and staying well.

Night all.

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