Sunday, April 5, 2020

Love For Helen....

In the 40s and grey until a couple hours before sunset.

 Gary's garlic is going to really take off if we get some heat.
 At 2pm we met up with a whole bunch of friends to drive
by our friend Helen's house to give her some love.
She is under palliative care and with this virus disaster,
there was no other way to visit.
 She had no idea we were going to do this, but her family was prepared
and had her outside thinking she was just going to get some fresh air.

 What a trooper.

 It was good to see her and she
 really appreciated it.

 After that Gary and I drove down to the Lift Bridge Book Shop 
so I could do a photoshoot for a friend.
 Our last stop was Harvester Park (Welcome Center).
Gary took a few shots of the gardens he and friends have
been working on.  All native plants just waiting to
start filling in.

 Meanwhile back at the ranch.....I finished the series I was binging on.
 Chore duty tonight.

 It never fails.  The sun appears around 6.

 French toast and bacon for dinner.  Just right.
 Jello and fruit for dessert.
 Good light.....

Night all.


Nancy J said...

I have tears as I read your words today.What a wonderful way to show care and love from a safe distance. Here, when a stranger walks past, I knock on the window or call from the door or window, love your dinner, I want that down here too.

Val Ewing said...

What a fantastic way to show support for someone when you cannot visit them! How our world has changed dramatically. :(