Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Rust Bucket is Gone!

A very productive day.
That's what sunshine can do for you.

 The blankets were off the horses by 8:30 and they loved it.
 I saw Berlin down, behind the grooming room
 and went over to be sure she could get back up, as she was on a little slope.
 By the time I got to her, she got up on her own.
Tough little cookie.

 Right after chores Brian came over to pick up the dumpster.
We gave up putting anymore in it and will have to 
do the rest with our own garbage pickup.
In pretty good shape now.

 Next on the agenda....
Mowing the lawn, which included going around the pastures
as well as the veggie gardens.
Onions are in here.
 Garlic.  (onions to the left)
 The rhubarb has really grown.
 For some reason it took me a long time to mow everything.

 While the lawn tractor was out, I decided to drag the indoor.

 Gary cut down our plum tree.  It was done.
We used to have an in ground pool in this area and turned it
into a place for fruit trees.  It was not a great spot, as there is
a huge black walnut tree nearby.  I can't tell you how many 
trees we have tried.  Peaches, pears, apples, cherries and this
poor plum tree.  Lesson learned.  
Don't put fruit trees near a black walnut tree.

 As soon as it gets warm I'm going to have to groom these two.

 We could not stand to put our barrel chairs in the dumpster,
so we put them on the porch to Gary's barn.  A perfect place
to sit in the sun.  At least it's not a couch!!!

 This afternoon Brian's brother, Doug, came over to rototill Gary's gardens
that still need to be planted.
 I started on dinner.
Onions and polka kilbasa....
 carrots and onions.
 A little chicken stock, cider vinegar and brown sugar.
Let that cook on top of the stove for awhile.
Added salt and pepper along with some cubed potatoes.
I put everything together and before dinner I covered
it and put it in the oven.

Went out to do evening chores around 6:30.....still gorgeous.

 Set everything up and whistled for them to come in for dinner.

 I put their sheets back on as we will start in the 30s and have rain tomorrow.
Yes, they are spoiled.

 We had a side of fried apples and finished off the jello/carrot/pineapple salad.
Now, I am in dire need of a shower.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Great hydraulics on the dumpster retrieval!!! Garden and lawns look great, we had sunshine all day here. Better still, garden centres can open on Tuesday onwards for contactless sales.