Thursday, April 16, 2020

Living In A Snow Globe....

 We woke up to more snow and 23 degrees.

 Fortunately the sun appeared.
 After lunch I drove down to Wegmans to pick up a
load of groceries, as I have not been there for almost 2 weeks.
There was some good light......

 Over half of the people were wearing masks and the shelves were pretty well stocked.

 No sooner did I get back to the farm, when the phone rang and
a friend told me she had made masks for me that I could
pick up.  So, I headed back to Brockport and the weather 
changed over and over on the way.  It was snowing here
 and looked sunny toward the village.
 Look at these gorgeous masks!   There were 8 of them and I gave half to Jenny.
Thank you Mary Lynne!!!!
 On my way home it really started snowing.

 Fortunately there was a good fire going.
 We have been struggling to figure out what to do for seating
in the kitchen as we had to dump our barrel chairs.  A couple
years ago our friend Deb T. moved and gave us this lawn
furniture.  I decided we could bring it in the house and I
am loving it.  Very southwest looking and can't be ruined
by the dogs and cats.
 Late afternoon we had one squall after another.

 I had picked up a medium sub at Wegs (Danny's Favorite)
and made some macaroni salad to go with it.
 A picnic.
 It's going to be very cold again tonight.
So far the daffodils are still alive.
Snuggling in is on the agenda.

Night all.

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Michelle said...

Snow...blah! We had flurries this week here in KY. Usually we are not running our wood stove at this point, but we still are and running out of wood. Electric heat is just not the same. Looks like all is well in your area.