Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another Trike Ride

Sunny days make all the difference in my energy level.
This is how it looked at 6:20 this morning.
 The daffodils I picked yesterday were now open.

 Gary spent a lot of time preparing the raspberry garden and
that should do it for now.

 This morning I made a quick trip to Tractor Supply to pick up a bag
of seed which I threw on the outdoor arena.  The man who rototilled it
for many years has retired so I have decided to turn it into a grass
ring that I can maintain myself.  Let's see how fast it fills in.

 Even tho it was windy and chilly, I was able to go on another trike ride.

 Salad and chicken soup for dinner.

 I love having it light outside long after we finish eating.

Night all.

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