Saturday, April 18, 2020

Filling the Dumpster....

Another crispy morning.

 After chores Gary and I went up to the loft and packed
up about 25 more bags of crapola.  We only have one more
week to finish the job and get this rust bucket out of here.

 I decided to make a pot of sauce when we finished.

 Around 4:30 the sun was looking good...decided to go 
on a trike ride so I could pick up a little vitamin D.

 This was the warmest part of the day, but it was windy.

 Chore duty tonight.

 Good light.

 Dinner was delicious.

And now, to get back out by the fire.

Night all.

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

It was nice here Saturday and I did a LOT of outside work. Glad you were able to get out and do some riding.
We were windy here too but it was finally nice and warm.