Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Red Coats Were Back This Morning

 A very cool start.

We were back to hats, gloves and red coats.
It was in the mid 30s.

 It never warmed up, but the sun was beautiful.
After chores I went to the animal hospital to pick up
Phoebe's perscription.  When I got there I called the
telephone number posted on the outside of the building,
told them I had arrived, and they brought my order
to the car.  Then I stopped at Jenny's for
some groceries she had picked up for us.  
She put them in the car and I headed back to the farm.
I think the tank of gas I got weeks ago is going
to last for months.
 Gary continued working on the gardens.
 He noticed a big bird in the field next to us....eating something.
 Well that big bird was an eagle!  We have never seen one.

 Grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.
 Jenny and the boys came up late afternoon so she could pick 
some daffodils and they could throw a ball around.
 We kept our distance.

 At this time we have dozens and dozens and don't
want to lose them all to a freeze tonight.

 Berlin seemed to be back to herself today.
She ate all of her grain last night, which
included Benedryl.
 I spent part of the afternoon shredding paper and
took it out to Rebel's stall just before chore time.
 I don't think they even touched their hay this morning.
We must have enough grass to keep them busy.

Night all.

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