Monday, April 6, 2020


Absolutely beautiful today.
Bright.  50ish.  Quiet.

Rebel and the girls were naked.

 I wonder how long it will take for the grass to grow in the outdoor arena.

 I got my trike out (and never went for a ride).
But first, I went to Wegmans to make sure we have 
everything needed for the next two weeks.  We 
will really try to stay on the property as recommended.
 Gary did a lot of volunteer tree and vine trimming today.
He's way ahead of past years and plans to put a new
cover over the dug well under the windmill.
 Poor Angel has a pulled muscle and was very gimpy this morning.
 I helped Gary pick up some of the sticks he had been cutting.
 He actually hung out his first wash of the season.  Those
sheets are going to smell so good.

 Karen arrived early as a chiropractor was coming to
work on Angel.  He's the one who determined she
had torn a muscle....hind right side.

 Instead of going for a trike ride I decided to mow the lawn.
 It was getting very long in front of the indoor.
 Looks great now.

 I had to pick fresh flowers for our kitchen table.
Hopefully we will have some every day until the snow falls.

 Nothing special for dinner.
 We finished up our pasta leftovers.
 Around 6 I started a fire and am looking forward
to taking a nice hot shower before getting out there.
 Three guess what we will be doing.

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

If that photo is of nothing special then ...wow! Your meals always look incredible.
I need to get my bike out and rinsed off.