Friday, April 3, 2020

No Trike Ride Today....

Grey, cold and misty most of the day.

 Just not motivated.
So I made pot of sauce....binged our current series we are watching and 
took it easy.  Got frustrated trying to do our taxes.  We have had them done
for a long time and there are so many forms it is extremely confusing.
It's a good thing there is an extension....July.
 Rob W. dropped off a couple dozen eggs this afternoon.  So grateful
to get the fresh version.  I hard boiled a bunch.
 Another friend stopped over to get several loads of manure
for his gardens.  We have an incredible supply.

Dinner was yummy.
 A nice salad
 and pasta.

 There is a fire going and that's going to keep me in my lazy mode.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Same weather here. Gloomy and not much motivation either. I do check in every day and see how you're doing but for some reason I can't leave a comment from my ipad so I have to wait until I open the computer to do it and its not always handy to do that. Stay safe and well. Hopefully, this will end soon.

Nancy J said...

A Golden Daffodil for dinner?? Love that bright cheery flower, and stay safe, as another yummy meal is on your table.Down here, tins of spaghetti are like a gold nugget!!! We are safe, we are well, and staying far away from everyone else. Isolation is not easy, but so necessary.

Val Ewing said...

I see the dogs were in a lazy mood also!