Friday, April 10, 2020

A Change in the Weather

 The red coats were back in business.

 I had purchased extra grain and was storing it in the back of my car until this morning,
when Gary brought it into the feed room.  Hopefully I am set for the next two or
three weeks.
 I had put hay under the shed roof as it was very windy again.
When I finished cleaning stalls I could not find the horses, because
they were smart enough to go inside the indoor.
 I brought them more hay and they were happy campers.

 Not the best weather for the gardens.

 When I got back in the house I made some chicken stock
 and chicken salad.

At 11:30 Gary went down to the Middle School as a volunteer, to help others
distribute boxes of food from Foodlink.  Everything was packed in boxes
and placed in the back of the cars.  A very efficient method.
So needed at this time.

 We had a fire going all day.

 Finally, the sun came out and all the snow disappeared.
What a difference.  Still very windy tho.

 Looks like all the flowers survived.

 We have tons of these sweet little blossoms all over the lawn.

 Dinner.  A salad with hard boiled eggs, Swiss cheese, tomatoes
and shaved carrots topped with homemade Russian dressing.
 Roasted potatoes
 and leftover sloppy Joes.
That's it.

Night all.

I found this photo today....
A shot of our farm taken from the air.
Thank you Darrin K.

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Nancy J said...

What a change in your day, love the red coats, and hay, so glad you have ample feed. Not so easy to make do for their diet as we can, rummage in the freezer and make something interesting. Yesterday our supermarkets were closed, so only the petrol station open in all our small town,. Hugh went for an excursion ( That is an elaborated name for it) round the streets, all alone, and he said not a car to be seen anywhere. Our lockdown may continue even after the 4 weeks are up, one university has closed altogether, grand-daughters might open on 27th July, meantime she still has to pay an amount, HUGE in my eyes, to keep the Halls of residence going with their own costs. Life seems so unfair at times. Love your day from dawn to dusk, we have sunshine, blue skies, and sausage rolls ( from the freezer) and home made banana loaf for lunch.