Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Skoog Barn Air B&B

A chilly morning, but it turned into a beautiful day.

Currently we have a bushel of apples for the ponies, so they devour treats every meal.

Rebel uses more shavings than any horse I have ever owned.  He is definately not neat and walks through everything while creating huge pee spots.  Over the years (as I have lost horses) I have knocked down walls and now the stalls are huge.  The front part is Rebel's (about 11x30) and the back part belongs to Seamus (about 16x20).
This is how it looks from Seamus' end.  He and Rebel love being able to touch each other.

Ronin is next to Seamus and his stall is about 20x20.

There are two more.  One for hay and another big one where we hang blankets etc.  Also have room for two more large ones but instead leave the area open as a run-in.
Gary has started pulling out the tomato and pepper plants.  The flowers are still thriving.
I watched a movie this afternoon, then went to Wegmans and Country Max before starting on dinner and doing evening chores.
The horses ran into the front paddock and were very curious about something to the West.

The 6pm light was gorgeous.

Homemade Mac and cheese for dinner...
with grilled chicken and salad.
Off duty.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

Those stalls are fantastic! They live in a palace. They also get treats! The sky is so pretty. This is a great time of year for soft light. I think I need to make Mac and cheese.