Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Perfect Conditions

71, brilliant and no humidity.  Perfection.

Seamus must take some pretty good naps at night as he wakes up covered with shavings.

After chores Janet and I worked on the West sliding door in the indoor as it was not moving very well.  Works fine now!
Within half an hour, FedEx arrived with my new iPhone.  I have not had one for many years ( it was a 5) and due to the outrageous cost to keep me in my Canon point and shoot cameras, decided to spring for one so I can still take quality photos.  I've never been a cell phone fan and was lucky to turn it on once a month.  It sounds like they are going to discontinue the point and shoots I knuckled under.

Gary, Little Wonder and I sat in the sun on the back porch for awhile.  It felt so good.

Sophie was happy.

At 3 I went down to the Spectrum store to get some help setting up my phone.  What a disaster.  The person I had an appointment with was not there and apparently has been sick for the past couple of days.  No one thought it was a good idea to cancel her appointments.  I made such a stink someone else helped me and I was not impressed.  More and more people were coming into the store and the service was absolutely TERRIBLE!  Many complaints as the line got longer.  The person helping me was trying to do as little as possible and said he could not guarantee that he could transfer my contacts.  I told him to try and of course it worked.  He was just trying to get rid of me.  Jenny just got a new phone and is going to teach me how to make better use of mine.
Other than doing laundry and changing sheets I was not very busy before evening chores.

Next on my agenda...putting a photo on my phone.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

I don’t know if you have an Apple store that is near by but they are geniuses at setting up a new phone. But always make an appt.

Nancy J said...

Everyone in our family has an iPhone, and to transfer data, it should be fairly easy to do yourself, same as an iPad way. Google will help you if the store was so hopeless. Then there is Jenny, daughters are marvellous in person, or by phone or Facetime !!! If this is a late model, it will take fabulous photos, and so easy to transfer to your laptop or computer too. Keep those shaving topped up, looks like he is happy there.

Sandra said...

You'll like your phone when you get used to it. We haven't had a landline for 12 years. I bought an iphone 12 two years ago and now there's already a 14! You have an ipad so your phone will sync with it and transfer your photos automatically to it. Good luck!