Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Happy Birthday Little Wonder

Progress today.  We had a She Sings practice and I drove to Brockport to pick up some burgers.  It was warm and muggy out at the barn this morning.

It's Little Wonder's Birthday today.  Bug's too (his brother)... 6 years old.

He had a birthday burger for dinner.
Finn came up to mow the lawn around has grown like crazy and I can't mow yet.  He did the north side of the yard first and didn't he have a problem with the steering not working.  It's a good thing we still have our old mower.  As if that was not enough, we had a brief thunderstorm so he could not do the rest of the yard.  Maybe tomorrow.  As you know....I love to mow.

During the heaviest downpour my bandmates arrived for a rehearsal.

I was really out of it since I have done nothing for a couple of weeks.
We are reviving our old songs as our next gig is in LeRoy at the Farm Market.
We lost our bass player and have started working on some new material.
Chores a little after 6.  Seamus did not get his mask off today and both he and The Rebel were wet from all the rain.  (We needed it, and they spent some time in the run-in with their hay nets).

I'm glad I had an umbrella as it was pouring when I went out to feed.
 Driving did not feel bad and I got called to play bridge tomorrow, so I am going to give that a shot.  
Night all.



Sandra said...

So you are now cleared to drive? Wonder has such an interesting face. He is a large dog on short legs.It has to feel good to be getting back into your groove. My lawn mower is ancient, but don't fix what isn't broke, right!

Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday L W. The lawn will get done, all in good time.So glad you can drive, even if it's not the lawn mower.