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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Daniela Is A Natural!

Hot and muggy.  I've been waiting all day for some rain....we really need it.

The first thing I do after morning chores is to check out my email and messages.  There was a very special message from Steph with some photos and a couple videos of Daniela today.  She was part of a panel discussion for the Illinois State Title IX 50th Anniversary Banquet.  Daniela is there on a scholarship to play Division I soccer (goalie) and currently also has an internship that I am quite sure, lead her to participate on this panel.  I am so proud of her composure and ability to speak like this in front of a crowd.  

Here is a short clip.

After that, I braved the heat and picked some strawberries.
Gary's gardens are going nuts.

Around 3 he was really hankering for an ice cream cone so we put Little Wonder in the car and drove out to Partyka Farms.

When we got home, we all took it easy until evening chores.

Scrambled eggs, toast and home fries for dinner.
Night all.

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