The Rebel


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

96! Finn and Coop To The Rescue....

One steamy day.

Finn and Coop arrived at 9:15 to move some hay around before our first hay delivery.
Jerry got here at 9:30 and they stacked 35 bales of the new stuff.  I will be getting more later, and still have at least 50 bales from last year.

We really appreciate the help and fortunately it was not in the 90s yet.  Jerry would love to have these two working with him.

Gary left and went out to breakfast with Dan S.
Little Wonder's tongue was really hanging out this afternoon.

I had the fan on for the ponies and put some hay nets around as I knew they would be spending a lot of time in the barn.

After a three week break, She Sings rehearsed today.  When we finished, Nancy picked some strawberries and also went home with rhubarb and dill.  Even with the air conditioner on, the studio got pretty hot.

Before evening chores I thought we were going to get some crazy weather so I finished mowing the small pasture that I had started this morning.

There was lightning over the lake and it got dark to the east, but we never got anything.

By evening chores the sun was blasting and Rebel was sweating.

After tucking them in, I sponged them off.  I did not know what to expect from Seamus, and he was a perfect little gentleman....just stood there and enjoyed it.
So did Rebel.
Leftover sloppy Joes, salad and chips for dinner.  Fine with me....tasted great.
Night all.



Sandra said...

I stopped mowing the lawn, it's been so hot and really no rain to talk about. I think it's wonderful these young men unloaded hay, it's good for them. It must be a lot of fun to have your musical group, I can't even imagine what that is like. Dinner sounds good to me. I hope you get a heat reprieve tomorrow.

Nancy J said...

That heat, down here, one place way further south had a Minus 11 Celsius. Hoar frost everywhere. The lads are such a help, and to have them living handy is a huge bonus.