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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Chilly is Good....

This stump!  Before we were married, Gary and I were out at Hamlin Beach and he loaded this and a couple smaller ones into my Mustang as I was using them in my apartment.  We have had it for 55 years and we keep it on the kitchen porch.  That "toilet seat" top is for the cats.  It used to be a plant holder.
I took a before photo of today's smoothie and forgot to take one of the end product.  I'm really loving them.  This one was a banana, strawberries, a couple pieces of fresh pineapple, yogurt and OJ.
A little after 10 we took a ride down to the Farm Market and bought a few things.
Dennis was busking.

Gary has a couple of old wooden ladders that he is putting in the garden so the cucumbers can climb them.  His version of a teepee.
Little Wonder and I took a short nap this afternoon.

Evening chores were a little late as I spent over half an hour on the phone with my brother.

Pizza and salad for dinner.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

We've had a couple of awful days, it will be at least 10 degrees cooler tomorrow, yay!
I've had to run the ancient air conditioner.