Saturday, January 19, 2019

Red Alert

The snow started about 5 hours sooner than predicted.
6 inches so far and in a couple of hours we are supposed to start getting an inch to an inch and a half per hour.
Could be interesting.
 It was 19 degrees this morning not counting the wind chill.
 Phoebe lasted for a short time, but Little Wonder stuck it out until I finished chores.

 Karen moved the snowblower up by the house so it would be handy for tomorrow morning.  I'm not in the mood to shovel through 20 inches (deep)
 all the way to the barn.

 I looked out at the paddock a couple of times and did not see the horses.
Figured they were in the indoor.
Nope, they were in the very back of the pasture looking around.  When they
saw me, they moved closer to the barn.  That was at 12:15.

 I groomed Rebel and Berlin before putting a stable blanket under their Rambos and
set all of them up with hay and water for the afternoon.
On Monday it could be 25 below 0 with the wind.
 No red coats for potty breaks.
 Before the snow got too bad Gary and I drove down to Sherwin Williams to get something to put on the farm table to protect it.  As I love the natural color we are just going to put a few coats of poly on it (water based)...no grey stain.

 I took a nice hot shower mid afternoon just in case the power goes out and
we don't have any water.

Chore duty tonight.
Rebel and the girls went outside while I picked the stalls and set up their dinner.

 Once again, the Phoebster went in early and
LW stayed with me. 
 What a trooper.

 I thawed out some cabbage soup for dinner.
 Apples/cheddar cheese on the side and I was actually wanting a PB and J sandwich.
 Gary has now finished the second coat on the table and the wood is looking more and
more beautiful.  The grain is really starting to pop.
 We love the fact that it has the characteristics of something made
hundreds of years ago.  Knots, nail holes, cracks....

Night all.
Stay warm.


  1. You've certainly got some awful weather. But at least you have a gorgeous table! It's coming out really nice.

  2. Beautiful table, too much snow and more coming, I would be inside and stocked up with food, coffee and firewood.


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