Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Snowing Tonight

 After chores I went down to chorus, and spent the rest of the afternoon hangin' with the pups and Sid.

 Gar got Finn and Coop off the bus.  At 5 I did chores.
 It was snowing.
 Tucked the girls in...
 and got back to the house right when Gary arrived with the boys.
 We took them over to Sam's Diner in Holley for dinner while their Mom went on a run.
 It was still snowing when we left.
 Dropped the boys off at home...
 The neighborhood is decked out for Christmas.

 Doesn't it seem like there is a major rush on the holidays starting after Halloween?
I need to get by the fire.
Night all.


  1. Brrrrr.... it looks cold! I agree that Christmas seems to be upon us very early.
    Stay warm

  2. That fire seems soooooo comforting. Nice pictures of the snow and the decorations. Rain the next 4 days and we leave tomorrow for San Francisco for my niece's wedding.

  3. I'm not going to complain about the cold anymore. It's not even close to snowing here.

  4. Christmas has started to arrive down here, Santa Parades,goodies in all shops, decorations, I am planning to have hand made crackers!!! But the first one was a bit of a disaster, the process needs to be better. Your snow, Wow, we have 20C, and some wind. Love the lights at night on the homes. Greetings from Jean

  5. Love all the Christmas lights... something about them makes me feel warm inside. Finally snow... bet it's wet and icky. Maybe it won't even stay.

  6. I love the tacky Christmas lights, the tackier the better! I'm off to California in two weeks time & I'm looking forward to seeing all the American decorations :D

  7. Guess the extra hay and feed will be munched into now...hope the snow wasn't too bad. (I love watching snow fall, so pretty).

  8. How beautiful with the lights and the snow!

  9. Yes it does and seems like we start Christmas before Halloween! You did great with the Christmas light shots - something on my bucket list for this year.

  10. You're ahead of us with snow, I'm glad to say. But it's already freezing hard tonight.

  11. It really looks quite beautiful!
    I'm getting in the holiday spirit also.


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