Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Mother of Invention

The temperature was in the 40s this morning.

 Just as I finished cleaning the stalls it started to rain.
Gary put the pots with the herbs and strawberries on
the edge of the side porch and it's going to work out well.
Very handy and easy to water when I'm doing the plants 
I brought out the other day.
 By 11 I was able to go back out to mow the
big pasture.  I had finished about half of it yesterday.
This is how it looked before.

 When finished, it looked like the rest of the golf course.

 After that I hitched up the drag and started messing with the indoor.
The sand was so deep by the North door I could not even get through it.
That meant I had to take a garden rake to move it around.
Finally, I was able to get the job done.  Now I just need to get some
calcium chloride pellets so there won't be any dust.  I have
not put any in there for over 25 years and it worked all this time.
 Between the heat and recent rain, Gary's gardens have taken off.
 The raised beds are starting to pop.  Spinach, dill, carrots, beets

 and snow peas.  All from seed.
 The North gardens now have celery, tomatoes, peppers,
garlic, onions, leeks, eggplant, cucumbers, yellow squash,
peppers, strawberries and raspberries.  We also have
romaine lettuce and a couple of tomato plants off the
kitchen porch.  Everything is doing well.
Oh....I forgot about the rhubarb.  We are still giving away 
every week.

 Seymour would not leave him alone while he was transplanting some carrots.

 Dinner was very interesting.
I made some guacamole to put on toast....
 and I had about a cup and a half of leftover Mac and cheese 
that I threw into some tomato soup.  It was delicious.  Great combo.
 Then it was chore time.

 Good light.

 We actually have a fire going tonight as the house is cool.
Gary is an avid reader and he always has a book going...
until he falls asleep and drops it.
 After I post this, it's time for some banana cream pie.
Fortunately for us, I dropped part of it off at Jenny's this afternoon.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Love the before and after pastures, and yummy pud, I might have to give that a miss, thanks for the help with comments, home again, meantime and back to my laptop.