Monday, June 1, 2020

7 Days of Unrest....

 Perfect weather for me today.
High of 70, no humidity and hardly any wind.

 As we have dozens of morning glory volunteers,
Gary put up the strings on the east side of the porch off
the kitchen so they can climb up to the roof.

 Gary has been having this for breakfast for days.
I tried it this morning.
Plain Greek yogurt, rhubarb sauce and granola.
Very good combo.
 Late. morning I decided to go on a bike ride.

 It sure felt good.

 Gary did more work in the garden today.
It's in great shape.  Noticed that we have 
yellow beans and shallots in addition to 
everything I mentioned yesterday.

 He loves sitting under the apple tree late afternoon.

 No fancy dinner tonight.
White hots, baked beans
coleslaw and Chet's hot sauce.
Not a pretty sight, but it
tasted great!

Night all.


Is this who we are?
It's time for compassion
and working together.
What do we get?



Nancy J said...

I love the gardener contemplating the wonderful rows in the garden. Unrest, I hope they all listen to George Floyd's brother pleading for the violence to stop. the words " Heartbroken" have the real meaning right there as he struggled to stand and then to address the crowd. Meantime we all need to focus on the flowers, the wonderful meals we can prepare, and family and friends.

Helen said...

Gary's mix makes me think of my father who thought he had grabbed the rhubarb sauce out of the fridge to put on his cereal. He quickly took it to the sink...he had grabbed leftover salmon by mistake. You can imagine how his taste buds felt about that mistake. lol

Wendy said...

Your blog is my happy place! The photos of the horses, the sky, the farm, the art classes are soothing. I won't have all that in retirement but I can dream! Thank you! - from Saratoga

Val Ewing said...

Ahhh, it was nice to read this today, I needed something uplifting. Storm coming in hard...later!