Monday, June 8, 2020

Still Working On Taxes. This is last Friday's post....Stuck in draft. Thanks Hanny.

Last night the vet had to come for Maggie.  She did not want 
to put any weight on her hind right and needed to be checked.
Karen thinks it's her hip.  I think it's a deep abscess.
At any rate, she was wrapped and was doing
quite a bit better this morning.  Put a couple hay nets in the
run-in so she could hang out by the fan.

 Around 10:30 I got out the lawn tractor and
went across the street to see if I could mow their
lawn.  Their riding lawn mower was not working
and there's no way it could be done with a push mower.
Over an acre.
My act of kindness for the week.
 Gary picked up the native plants he ordered
at Sara's and got them planted today.

Lots of sunshine and over 80 degrees.
 The usual good light late afternoon.
Earlier I had worked on taxes for a couple hours.
 Forget doing it on line.
I'm much better using the forms.

 This evening Gary got back to work on the flower gardens.
You'd think we lived in a park....too many.

Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope Maggie is feeling better soon. The flowers are gorgeous you'll enjoy them.