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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Rebel's Back in Business

This was a very busy day.  At 7:30am I got a call saying 16 yards of
blow sand was being delivered in about 20 minutes.  (He was supposed
to come on Tuesday).

 I wanted to fill in some spots in the indoor.
 The truck was so huge it would not be able to dump inside.
So, we put it in the outdoor arena and we will have to take it from there.
Hopefully we will get Scott's tractor with a bucket so we can move it
in the next few days.

I finished chores and then started cleaning my tack.
Jenny and I planned to ride Rebel starting at 11.

 I prefer to ride him without a bit, so we put my English Hackamore on him.
Have no idea if he has ever been ridden bitless.
Rebel has been on vacation for months, but you would never know it.
Jen walked around the ring once and then got on him.
He stood perfectly and walked off on the buckle.
She started off going counter clockwise and he was quiet and forward.
When she switched directions he saw the pile of sand and
assumed it was a monster.
 She got off and we took him outside to check out this big "thing."

 He was fine with it, so she got back on and rode outside.

 Eventually it was my turn and he continued being a very good boy.

 He is one very special horse.
 Afterward, Jenny groomed Berlin.
 At 12:45 I met several friends in the village for a drive by Birthday celebration.
My friend Hanny....80 today and she looks like a million bucks.
 I brought my uke and we sang Happy Birthday.
I was still in my barn clothes....full of horse hair.
 This afternoon I let the horses in both arenas.
When it gets warm, they love the breeze inside.

 They also were able to check out the sand pile.

 I mowed the lawn on Tuesday and today we had 8" dandelions.
So I mowed again.
 Even started working on a path down the lane.

 I will bet you that by tomorrow morning the lawn will have thousands
of dandelions on it....again.

 I got Little Wonder to smile at me, but the picture was blurry.

 Made some fresh pasta and we had leftover sauce
 and a salad.

 A little after 7 I went out to tuck in the ponies.

 We took all the windows out of the stalls/barn today.
I'm sure Rebel and the girls are going to appreciate the fresh air.
It's supposed to be in the 80s for the next 5 days.

Night all.


  1. What a way to celebrate that 80th, hope I can look as good as Hanny when it's my turn in July!!! Green grass, sand galore, and Rebel, you are a beauty.

  2. I do not know anything about about horses. I have been cautious why the horse is wearing the face gear on his face. Would you please educate me about this.
    Thank you.

  3. Rebel is not only a handsome guy, he is very special. So glad you and Jenny got to ride, what a good boy.

    Love LW's smile even if it is blurry his personality shows through.


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