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Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Opposite of Yesterday

I let the dogs out a little before 7 and the sky was very pink.
It only lasted for a few minutes.
 The rest of the day was cold, rainy and grey.

 After chores I gave Phoebe a shower.  Have not done this for years
as she has gone to a groomer regularly.  She needed it.
I trimmed around her eyes, but that was about all
Before she was shampooed, I took my shower and then 
brought her in.  It is so simple this way, and she can't jump out.
As usual, she was very cooperative.
I think she really enjoyed the hair dryer.
Who knows when we can go back to Sherri?  When it warms up
she will need a hair cut.  So will Little Wonder.
 As you know....I cook for these spoiled pups.
Before lunch, I made them some pasta with peas and carrots (a little chicken stock for flavor).
This is enough for many days.
I put Phoebe's pill in with her food, and most of the time she just eats it.
 Her coat is so soft and fluffy.
 Mid afternoon I started on dinner.

Gary started a fire and I vegged until chore time....
 along with my buddies.

 Before going out to the barn I made some Johnny Cake.

 Fortunately it had stopped raining.

 It was nearly 7 before we had dinner.
Apples and cheese.
 Johnny Cake.
 And yum....a kielbasa, cabbage, potato, carrot and onion
whatever you want to call it.
 I added a little chicken stock, rice vinegar, brown sugar, salt and fresh ground pepper
(and a little celery salt).  Put it in the oven after everything had been cooked
on top of the stove.
It was divine!
That's it for today.
Night all.

There is a FaceBook site called Music not Covid
and I joined it so I could post some of our 
She Sings music.  So many people and groups
are participating.  We really miss singing together
every week.

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  1. My neighbor gives her little dog baths and blow dries her...she loves it! Of course my neighbor friend can also give her husband and kids hair cuts and does so she even chops her dog's hair.
    I was due for a cut, I guess it is just going to grow now!

    Stay well and safe.


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