Saturday, March 7, 2020

Hello Sunshine!

 We watched a movie this afternoon and then I went out to do evening chores.

 Got the horses tucked in....

 (most of the snow melted)
 and finished making dinner.
 I steamed some asparagus and chopped up tomatoes,
scallions and roasted red peppers. 

 Topped it off with some grated extra sharp cheddar cheese
and a good balsamic dressing.
 This time I remembered to add hard boiled eggs to the leftover
cauliflower and cheese casserole.
A delicious dinner.
Another vegetarian meal in the books.

Now it's time for the fire and a snooze.
I'm sticking close to home for now.  Are you?  
I have gone to the store several times and am trying to be ahead
on food for all the animals, but am not interested in going
to large activities.  It looks like there will be students,
who have been studying abroad, quarantined at SUNY Brockport
by order of the Governor.  Some will also go to Buffalo State
or Stoneybrook.  Fortunately we are retired and live
out in the boonies.  It could get rough for people who can't go
to their jobs or have to close businesses.  Hoping for the best,
but I truly think about the only way to slow this down is to stay
at home for a couple weeks or more.
What are the concerns where you live?

Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Love that sunshine!! Down here, we have stocked up on so much, and are totally avoiding crowded public places, the airport at the nearest city , was where 2 people flew into, and out from, and spent some 5 hours or so somewhere? So we will not be flying to a friends' 80th in April, she probably will not fly down here for mine in July ( We have been friends for over 66 years now )son-in-law's 50th in 2 weeks time, Just as well I am not called " The Virus Police", as that couple must surely be able to list where they went. After flying back to Auckland, they had a positive test. Lots of my friends are not visiting , and I also wish I lived so far from any public place. No cafe visits, no movies, no shopping malls, online for any quilting things, and making our own pump pot hand sanitiser!!! Lots of soap and water. Luckily I can be a hermit so happily. Stay safe up North.Fond greetings,.